Monday, September 18, 2000

and i dont want the world to see me, 'cause i don't think that they'd understand....

i am in the weirdest mood right now... and im not sure how to exactly explain. first of all, i am very happy that i finally got this blog thing going. im going to try to make this a really awesome blog, even though i have to use for now. im really disapointed about that. but maybe some kind person will help me get settled down with a host and fucking FTP and i can actually have half-way decent blog. please ignore the fucking banner ad and concentrate on the actual blog. so bummed out about school.... its too fucking easy. algebra is naptime and english is a joke. my 2 best friends have different teachers and are learning tons more than i am..... i hate this. i feel so freaking stupid compared to them. it bugs the hell out of me. i really want to switch teachers.... hopefully everything will work out ok... my parents are having some meeting with my current teachers to do just thing that i am REALLY excited about is that i'm actually going to ITALY in april! oh my gosh i still can't believe it. not only do i get to go to one of the best countries in the world that just happens to be a major part of my background, but i also get to do it without my parents! im am particularly excited about this sudden freedom that has been bestowed upon me. geez louise those were big words weren't they? well, my hands are sick of typing and my brain feels fried from staring at the computer for the past 2 hours.... ciao!

will THIS blog actually work? i hope so!